Culinary Technology 110 and 120


Culinary Technology 110: Open to Grade 11 or 12 students

Culinary Technology 120: CulinaryTechnology110


Culinary Technology 110: This course focuses on knowledge and application of the food service industry, employment, safety & sanitation, nutrition, standardization, cooking methods, equipment, workspace, techniques and food preparation.

Culinary Technology 120: This focuses is on safety and sanitation, food supply, influences on North American cuisine, food for meals (legumes, fruits and vegetables, shell fish, meat cuts), menu management, and additional food preparation skills. Theory includes the planning of quality meals, ordering, pricing, preparation and service.

Special Note:

Culinary Technology 110: In the last twenty years, the number of food service employees and the amount of restaurant food consumed have doubled; there is need for training in this field.

Culinary Technology 120: Actual hands-on experiences will add to the students’ knowledge and employability.

Course Video: